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All the baptized members of the Church who are not priests, deacons or bishops.

Lamb of God/Agnus Dei

The prayer we pray during the Communion Rite, before receiving the Eucharist, as we break the consecrated bread and place it in as many dishes as needed.

Laying on of Hands

A ritual connected to most of the sacraments where hands are placed on or above a person( for example at Confirmation or Ordination) or thing (for example the bread and wine at Mass) to symbolize the desire for the Holy Spirit to come upon them and change them or give them some spiritual power.


The book which contains all the Bible readings we use at Mass.


A person from the church community that is known as a liturgical minister who reads from the lectionary during the first part of the Mass.


The season that precedes the Easter season, traditionally a season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to prepare for new Christians to be baptized at Easter and for other Christians to be reconciled to the Church.

Liturgical Colors

These are the colors of the different seasons we celebrate within the church year.

Liturgical Colors

There are four main liturgical colors. White symbolizes festivity and joy. Purple either penance or waiting in hope. Green the regular rhythm of life.

Liturgy of the Eucharist

The second part of the Mass where we prepare to share a special meal with Jesus by giving thanks, remembering what Jesus did at the Last Supper and receiving holy communion.

Liturgy of the Hours

In addition to the Eucharist and the other sacrament rituals, the Church's official public prayer includes the daily praying of psalms and biblical canticles, meditating on readings, and intercessory prayer.

Liturgy of the Lords Passion

The liturgy we celebrate on Good Friday afternoon, the second of the three central liturgies of our entire Church year we call the Triduum.

Liturgy of the Word

The first part of the Mass where we hear the Word of God through readings from the Bible.

A way to refer to the diocese/archdiocese one is part of (for example, Church of Detroit, of Lansing, of Rome, etc.).


Another name for God. It is used in the Old Testament for God the Father and in the New Testament for Jesus as well.

Lord's Day

Sunday, the day Christians gather in prayer to worship God our Creator.

Lord's Prayer

Jesus taught his followers to pray. We call the prayer of Jesus' The Lord's Prayer in which we honor God and ask his help. The version we use is from the gospel of Matthew.

Love Commandment

When Jesus was asked to sum up his teaching, he talked of two key commandments, which are grouped together as a statement of his love commandment.

Love or Charity

The core theological (God-originated) virtue, a gift of God, which informs every good action that one does.


The writer of the gospel of Luke as well as the Acts of the Apostles, one of the four evangelists Tradition depicts him with the symbol of an ox.