Catholic Brain's online dictionary is the perfect go-to resource for students when given research assignments on the Catholic faith. Utilizing the OSV Catholic Faith Words, reports will be a breeze with access to thousands of entries on Catholic saints, Catholic feasts, Bible location, people of the Bible, Catholic Church history, and many, many more.

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"The Sacrament in which a person is immersed in water or has water poured on him or her. Baptism takes away Original Sin and all personal sin, and makes the person a member of the Church."

"The second step in the process of becoming a Saint, in which a venerable person is recognized by the Church as having brought about a miracle through his or her prayers of intercession."

"Jesus' eight teachings about the meaning and path to true happiness; they depict the way to live in God's Kingdom now and always, working toward the eternal holiness or blessedness to which God calls all people."

Teachings of Jesus that show the way to true happiness and tell how to live in God's Kingdom.

The Word of God written in human words. The Bible is the holy book of the Church.

"An ordained man who works together with other bishops and the Pope in teaching, leading, and making the Church holy. The bishops are the successors of the Apostles."

"The sin of showing disrespect for the name of God, Jesus Christ, Mary, or the Saints in words or action."

"A name for the Holy Eucharist, especially the Body of Christ kept in the Tabernacle."

Blessing God who is the source of everything that is good.

"Blessing and Adoration in this prayer form, we show that we understand God is the Creator of all and that we need him. We give him respect and honor his greatness."

Body of Christ a name for the Church of which Christ is the head. All the baptized are members of the body.

Book of Gospels the book containing the Gospel readings from which the priest or deacon proclaims the Gospel during Mass.