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The first sacrament one receives to enter into a new way of life in the Christian community, be claimed as one of Christ's body in a permanent way, and oriented to a life with Christ.

Baptism Font

Basin or large bowl of blessed water, used to baptize people and to remind people to be followers of Jesus

Baptism by Blood

The Catholic Church's belief that someone who dies for the faith without yet being baptized actually receives the sacrament of baptism through his or her death.

Baptism by Desire

We believe that those who have not been baptized can still be saved by living a life of goodness and showing a desire to know and serve God.

Baptismal Candle

Each newly baptized person is given a special candle, first lit from the light of the Easter candle, to represent the new light of faith that must be kept burning brightly within one's heart and soul.

Baptismal Garment

Each newly baptized person is clothed in a white garment or robe to symbolize how baptism has clothed their life within Christ's life and to remind us that we must strive to keep that baptismal dignity in the face of life's struggles.

Baptismal Name

When a person is baptized, child or adult, they are named again, this time in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit.


A church specially designated by the pope, usually connected to a martyr or special saint of the Church.

Beatific Vision

The full knowledge and experience of God, which will bring us complete happiness and union with God in heaven.


A step toward canonization where the Church officially says a person lived a holy life


The word "beatitude" means "blessing." The Beatitudes refers to a series of short blessings given by Jesus in Matthew 5:1-12 and Luke 6:20-23.


The town where Jesus was born, about six miles south of Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem to register during the time of the census, since Joseph traced his ancestry through the family of David in Bethlehem. (Luke 2:1-14)


A collection of books accepted by the Church as inspired stories of God's way of salvation for humanity. Reading the Bible is essential to prayer, to worship, and to personal faith.


Leader of the Catholic Church in a specific city or area.

Blessed Sacrament

The consecrated bread kept in the tabernacle as a continuing presence of Christ with us.


A way to remember that something is a gift of God and to be used responsibly for the good of all.

Body of Christ

Christians who are believers in Christ. Christ is the head of the body and all Christians make up the body.


To capture the sense of the whole person, theology and philosophy talk about the whole person, body and soul. In the Bible, these are seen as inseparable.

Book Of Revelation

In the way the New Testament is presented, this is the last book of the Bible, written by a man called "John" (most likely not the gospel writer John) who depicts a symbolic understanding of faith, martyrdom and Christian life. This book is also called the "Apocalypse" from a word that means "to reveal".

Book of the Gospels

A book of readings from the four gospels of the New Testament which is carried in the opening procession and which the deacon or priest reads from at Mass.

Breviary Hymns of the Rosary

The proper office granted by Leo XIII (5 August, 1888) to the feast contains four hymns which, because of the pontiff's great devotion to the Rosary and his skilful work in classical Latin verse, were thought by some critics to be the compositions of the Holy Father himself.