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A gift of God (and so called a theological virtue), it is the acceptance in mind, heart and action of the revelation given to us by God in and through Jesus Christ and his Church.


Another practice we are invited to make part of our spiritual life, especially during Lent.


God is our Father who shares his love for us.

Feast of All Saints

Celebrated on November 1st each year, this is one of the Church's holydays of obligation.

Feast of All Souls

Celebrated on November 2nd. The Church remembers all who have died, no matter what kind of life the have lived, praying that they might know the goodness of God in heaven some day.

Final Judgment

We believe that at death each of us receives a final judgment based on the life we have lived.

First Friday

A devotion prayed on the first Friday of every month and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Four Marks of the Church

Qualities necessary for the Church to have: 1) one, 2) holy, 3) catholic, 4) apostolic

Franciscan Crown

A Rosary consisting of seven decades in commemoration of the seven joys of the Blessed Virgin (the Annunciation, Visitation, Birth of our Lord, Adoration of the Magi, Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, the Resurrection of Our Lord, and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and her Coronation in heaven), in use among the members of the three orders of St. Francis.


A movement of Bible-centered Christians in the late 19th c. to the present who stress the literal inerrancy of every word and story of the Bible.


The ritual of honoring the body of a deceased person and respectfully bringing that body to a final resting place.

Funeral Pall

The long, usually white, cloth that is used to cover the casket at a funeral.