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Natural Moral Law

The "law written in every human heart" which knows the basis of right and wrong, no matter one's background or upbringing or faith.


In older churches it is the name given to the area of the church in which the community sits to worship.


The town in the northern part of Israel, in the region of Galilee, where Jesus grew up. That is why he is known as "Jesus of Nazareth," when he is an adult.

New Testament

Testament is another word for Covenant and so New Testament refers to that part of Sacred Scripture that focuses on the new covenant we receive in Jesus and passed on by the early Church.

Nicene Creed

An extended form of the Creed which highlights the unity of Father, Son and Spirit.


In the story of the great flood (Genesis 6-9) God chooses Noah and his family to survive by asking him to build an ark for all the animals.


A form of prayer that invites Christians to take nine days and focus on the same intention or prayer. The original novena comes from the Acts of the Apostles, when the disciples are told to


A woman who dedicates her life to religious order and does not to marry.