Catholic Brain's online dictionary is the perfect go-to resource for students when given research assignments on the Catholic faith. Utilizing the OSV Catholic Faith Words, reports will be a breeze with access to thousands of entries on Catholic saints, Catholic feasts, Bible location, people of the Bible, Catholic Church history, and many, many more.

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Natural moral law precepts about goodness that are written by God in our hearts and are accessible through our God-given reason.

"Natural moral law rules about goodness that are written in our hearts and are natural to follow. However, our awareness of natural law can be clouded by Original Sin."

"A title for Jesus. By his obedience to the Father, and willingness to give his life, Jesus made amends for Adam's disobedience, overcame sin, and brought us eternal life."

Jesus' command for his disciples to love one another as he has loved us.

"New creation the future of justice, love, and peace promised by God, in which good will be rewarded and evil punished."

"The second part of the Bible about the life and teachings of Jesus, his followers, and the early Church."

"A summary of foundational truths about the Holy Trinity, the Church, and eternal life. We usually say the Nicene Creed during Mass."

"A summary of basic beliefs about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and about other Church teachings. We usually say the Nicene Creed during Mass."