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Although the youngest son of Jesse, the one who is chosen by Samuel as king to succeed Saul, when Saul's kingship goes astray (1 Samuel 16:1-13).


Person ordained to help in ministering to the needs of people. Deacons do not lead the Mass or forgive sins or anoint the sick.


another name for those who are ordained deacons in the Church

Dignity of the Human Person

The foundational principle for all Catholic moral teaching, including its social doctrine.


All Catholic churches in a specific area that are under the authority of one bishop.


The process of discovering what decision or course of action best reflects God's desire for us.


The name means "one who learns" and was used to designate students of a Master, whether a rabbi or tradesman.


A belief of the Catholic Church which is necessary for the full faith but our understanding of it can develop over time.


A belief which the Catholic Church has defined as essential for faith and is not changeable.