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The third of the biblical patriarchs, the son of Isaac and Rebecca (Genesis 27-33), younger brother of Esau, but the one through whom Israel traces its ancestry in faith.

One of the major prophets of the Old Testament who lived in the southern part of Israel (called Judea), at the time of the end of that kingdom (around 600 B.C.).

The city that king David made the capital of his kingdom and where Solomon, David's son, built the first Temple.

The name of our Savior, given to him by God through the angel that visits Mary his mother (Luke1:30-32).

A way to refer to the people of Israel who follow the Mosaic covenant.

The writer of the gospel of John, one of the four evangelists, usually identified with the "The Beloved Disciple" in the gospel of John, though we don't know for certain.

The son of Zechariah and Elizabeth who was Mary's relative. (Luke 1:57-80) John is a prophet who announces that the Messiah is coming, living near the desert, and baptizing people in the Jordan River.

One of the sons of Jacob who is sold by his brothers out of jealousy but who becomes a leading advisor to the Pharaoh (the Egyptian king) and thus able to save his family from famine.

The grace of God through Jesus that makes a sinner "right with God".