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Do you want to teach kids to help young Catholics to understand the true meaning of Christmas? CatholicBrain is excited to bring our amazing resources to help you do just that! Join Brother Francis, Father John, and friends this season for an Advent like no other. Start your free trial today and gain access to the entire resource-filled CatholicBrain platform!

Daily Video Lessons

that Teach Young Catholics the True Meaning of Christmas

In our over-commercialized world, it's important that children understand Christmas is more than gifts under the Christmas tree. Each day Advent children learn from both Brother Francis and Father John on what the true reason for the season! Plus when your start your CatholicBrain Subscription, schools, parishes, and families will have full access to over 1,000 video lessons that will truly help kids learn, know, live, and love their Catholic faith.

Faith Formation Programs & Curriculum
Faith Formation Programs & Curriculum

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