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Who's Using CatholicBrain?

  • Students, Families, Teachers & Catechists


    Students, Families, Teachers & Catechists

  • Students, Families, Teachers & Catechists

    500 +

    Schools & Parishes

  • Students, Families, Teachers & Catechists

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What is CatholicBrain?

Explore - A Premier Religious Education Learning Program!

  • Engaging Content: Access over 1,000 videos, games, and lessons.
  • Educational Resources: USCCB-approved curriculum for Pre-K through 8th grade.
  • Support for Educators: Ideal for parents, teachers, and catechists.
  • Innovative Learning: eBooks, interactive quizzes, and video lessons make learning fun.
  • Inspire Young Catholics: Teach and reinforce Catholic values effectively.

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What people are saying about CatholicBrain

Dr. Scott Hahn

Professor of Theology & Scripture, Speaker & Author

"The saints in every age excel at using new media to reach people. Constantine did it with the book when the scroll was going out of style. Father Peyton did it with the radio. Bishop Sheen did it with the TV. CatholicBrain stands in that great tradition, teaching youth the way they actually can be taught, in words that actually make sense"

Jennifer Hardee

Director of Formation, Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church

"Those of us that work in Ministry should be constantly striving to meet those in our care where they are. For our young people, this is often through digital media, and allows us this opportunity with quality Catholic content.

Fr. Donald Calloway

Author, Consecration to St. Joseph

"CatholicBrain offers spiritual food for the young mind and the youthful soul! I encourage parents and all who help with the faith formation of children to check out all the great things the program offers. The online platform is attractive, engaging, easy-to-use,and completely orthodox. I very highly recommend it"

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

CatholicBrain is an innovative platform designed to answer the need to meet youth in parishes, Catholic schools and homeschool environments. Using technology, the creators of CatholicBrain have developed a platform that teaches youth Pre-K through 8th grade the Catholic faith.

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