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Launched in 2017, CatholicBrain provides an innovative solution for Pre K – 8th grade faith formation and religious education. Our tools enable schools and parishes to deliver an outstanding faith learning experience; engaging students and involving parents in faith formation, equipping catechists and religion teachers and empowering DREs and school administrators.

Explore the Amazing Resources CatholicBrain Offers

Explore Great Resources for Your Students

Engaging Resources for Classroom and Home.

Pre K - 8th Grade

  • Daily Readings & Reflections
  • Saint of the Day Videos
  • Quiz of the Day
  • Daily Bible video
  • Over 1,200 Animated Videos
  • 400 Bible Videos
  • 380 Saint Videos
  • Catechism Videos
  • Lesson Plans
  • 250 Games & Activities
  • 2,000+ Church Approved Quizzes
  • 500 Printable Activities
  • Weekly Mass Printables
  • Catholic Dictionary
  • Bible (NRSV CE Edition)
  • Books
  • Songs
  • Saint Library
  • Prayers
  • Advent Program & Resources
  • Lent Program & Resources
  • Summer Catechism Program
  • Assessments & Competitions
  • Adventure Catechism Videos (coming soon)
  • More Content Added Monthly

Empower & Equip your Catechists & Religion Teachers CatholicBrain Supplemental Resources and Teaching Tools for Catechists and Teachers

Invaluable Resources for Teachers and Catechists:

Catechists and religion teachers will have the right tools to engage students in the classroom and at home - from lessons plans, assessments, quizzes, student homework, blogs, webinars and more. Also, catechists and teachers have the ability to manage their entire classroom all in one place; take attendance, create homework for students, track progress, communicate with parents and access resources for students.

  • Extensive supplemental resources for catechist and religion teachers
  • Access over 5,000 animated videos, games, bible stories, saint stories, catechism videos, printable activities, quizzes
  • Ready to use lesson plans for catechists and religion teachers
  • Blogs, articles and webinars
  • Catechist formation courses (coming soon)
  • Assign homework for your students & track progress

Communicate with your DRE and parents

Involving Parents in Faith Formation:

Our parents’ portal encourages parents to participate in the faith formation of their children. Through family activities, homework for students and spiritual exercises, parents will be involved in faith formation like never before. Parents can also see what their kids are learning and track their progress.

  • Involve parents in faith formation
  • Family faith formation resources
  • Share student progress and performance


CatholicBrain’s admin portal helps DREs & school administrators manage their entire faith formation program in one platform. The admin portal makes it easy to schedule lesson plans for each class, manage teachers, catechists and students, take attendance, create lesson plans, homework, track and monitor student progress and communicate with parents and the entire class.

  • Effectively manage your entire faith formation program
  • Create classes, manage catechists & religion teachers
  • Assign students to classes & take attendance
  • Create lesson plans and schedule
  • Communicate with catechist, teachers and parents
  • Access supplemental resources for students
  • Resources for catechist and teachers

CatholicBrain Connect App

Stay connected with your catechists, teachers and parents. Our communication app facilitates communication between DREs, catechists, teachers, parents and students.

  • Communicate with catechist, teachers, parents and students with instant messaging
  • Catechist and teachers can send messages to parents
  • Take attendance directly from the app(coming soon)
  • View class schedule


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