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"Religious pictures that illustrate Jesus, Mary, and other holy people; icons are traditional among many Eastern Christians."

"The sin of putting other people or things in God's place, or before God, in our lives."

The sin of worshipping an object or a person instead of God. It is letting anything or anyone become more important than God.

"Image of God the Divine likeness in all human beings that comes from being made by God and includes the ability to think, choose, be free, love, and be in relationship with God and others."

Image of God the likeness of God that is in all human beings because we are created by him.

The truth that Mary was preserved free from Original Sin from the first moment of her conception. The Church celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8.

The truth that God kept Mary free from sin from the first moment of her life.

"In persona Christi term referring to the mission and ability of priests and bishops, granted through Holy Orders, to act in the person of Christ."

"The truth that the Second Divine Person of the Holy Trinity, the Son of God, assumed a human nature in order to save all people; Jesus Christ is both true God and true man."

The mystery that the Son of God became human in order to save all people.

When the Son of God became man in Jesus Christ.

A gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church by which the Pope and the bishops in union with him may declare definitively that a matter of faith or morals is free from error and must be accepted by the faithful.

"The quality of being free from error. A teaching is Infallible when the Pope, as head of the Magisterium, speaks officially on a matter of faith or morals that is to be believed by everyone in the Church."

Informed conscience a conscience that is educated and developed through constant use and examination and learning about the teachings of the Church.

"Intellect the God-given ability which makes it possible for humans to think, reason, and judge."

Intercession a form of prayer that involves praying to God on behalf of another; also called intercessory prayer.

A form of prayer that involves praying to God on behalf of another; also called intercessory prayer.

"In this prayer form, we ask God to help others."

Asking God to help others.