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The special large box or container in a church , usually gold-colored, where the extra holy communion is kept.

It is the name given to the 10 laws or commands or words God gives through Moses to the people of Israel as the basis of their covenant with him (Exodus 20:2-17; Deuteronomy 5:6-21).

The events surrounding and leading up to Jesus' suffering and death.

Official residence of the pope and where all the offices that help the pope are located. It is a separate city-state.

Virtues are habits or traits that define who we are.

A study of the truths about God, Jesus and the Church in order to have a deeper understanding of our faith.

The biblical practice of setting aside a percent of our goods/income and offering them for the work of God through the Church or other charities.

The Jewish name for "the Law".

When Jesus appeared full of light, while on a mountain top with the apostles Peter, James and John.

An event of mystery and awe on a mountain where Jesus' clothes become exceedingly bright and he is seen in conversation with Moses and Elijah.

The name given to the sacred mystery of the bread and wine being changed into the sacramental body and blood of Christ.

This is a Latin meaning "the three days".

The one God who is Father, Son and Spirit.