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Abba the Aramaic word with the English equivalent of "daddy" or "papa".

Abortion the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by killing an unborn child. It is a grave sin.

Words spoken by the priest during the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation to grant forgiveness of sins in God's name.

Actual grace is the help God gives us in our particular need or to do a particular good act or to avoid evil.

"Literally means 'he who is called to one's side. ' The Holy Spirit is our Advocate, guiding and comforting us, strengthening us to know and live by the truth."

"A type of spiritual being that does God's work, such as delivering messages from God or helping to keep people safe from harm."

Spiritual beings that praise God and serve him as messengers to help people understand God's plan or to keep them safe from harm.

The Angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary that she was called to be the Mother of God.

"To use oil to mark someone as chosen for a special purpose. In biblical times, the priests, the kings, and sometimes the prophets were anointed as a sign of God's favor."

"Anointing of the Sick one of the Sacraments of Healing for people who are seriously ill or in danger of dying. In the Sacrament, the person's forehead and hands are anointed with the blessed oil of the sick."

"Apocalyptic literature a type of writing that reveals what humans cannot see, including the spiritual world or future events."

"The Twelve disciples Jesus chose to be his closest followers. After the coming of the Holy Spirit, they shared in his work and mission in a special way."

One of the Church's oldest creeds. It is a summary of Christian beliefs taught since the time of the Apostles. This creed is used in the celebration of Baptism.

The teaching authority of the Church comes directly from Jesus and his chosen Apostles because the bishops of the Church are direct successors of the Apostles.

"The term used to describe how the authority and power to lead and teach the Church is passed down from the Apostles to their successors, the bishops."

Ark of the covenant a wooden chest that housed the tablets of the Ten Commandments. The Israelites carried it wherever they went as a reminder that God was with them.

When the Risen Jesus was taken up to Heaven to be with God the Father forever.

The people gathered together for worship.

"The Church teaching that, at the end of her life, Mary, body and soul, was 'taken up' (assumed) into Heaven. The Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption on August 15."

"The teaching that after her earthly life, Mary was taken into Heaven body and soul, to be with Jesus."