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A day of rest. In Jewish tradition it is assigned to the seventh day of the week (our Saturday), in honor of the story of God resting on the seventh day after forming all creation (see Genesis 2:1-3)

A celebration of the Christian community through prayer, symbol and ritual that identifies an essential action for the Church to be the full Church of Jesus Christ.

A blessing, an action, or an object that reminds us of Christ's presence with us and God's care for us.

A way to describe how certain sacraments permanently change one's relationship to Christ and the Church.

A recognition that one who is baptized, confirmed, or ordained has a special and unique relationship to Christ.

Rituals, objects and other sacred signs,which are not essential to the Church but bear some resemblance to the sacraments in that can become occasions of a deeper relationship to God in Christ but need a response of faith for that to happen.

Book of prayers which contain all the prayers used by the priest during Mass.

Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist-the Church's three sacraments of welcome and belonging.

The three sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist. For full initiation in the Catholic Church a Catholic must be marked by and experience all three.

"The holy writings," the name is used to designate those books or writings Christians believe inspired by the Spirit of God and are to guide our lives of faith and to be received as God's word for us in terms of their saving truth.

A liturgical minister who sets up for Mass by setting out all the things necessary for the celebration of the liturgy.

Freedom from sin and sharing everlasting life with God through Jesus.

When we celebrate the sacraments, pray sincerely, help others, God's life and love is us makes us holy. We call that sanctifying grace.

A way to describe how every human life from the first moment of conception/existence till the last moment of natural death is to be respected and protected as a basic good.

The area of the church that contains the altar, pulpit and presider's chair.

Found by the tabernacle it is a light to indicate that the tabernacle contains consecrated bread and so we are in the real presence of Christ.

A title we give to Jesus because he spent his life showing us what it means to be free of sin and love others.

This is an outer garment, worn by members of some religious orders, consisting of a simple open neck collar and cloth that drapes front and back.

A major split within the Church over differences in belief or practice

The obligation of a priest never to reveal anything about who has been to the sacrament of Reconciliation or what was said in the confession.

This is a collection of key sayings of Jesus, grouped together

Seven powerful signs and rituals given by Jesus Christ to the Church so that we might celebrate and experience God's grace at work in us.

The Hebrew word for God's peace.

After the Lord's prayer and before we approach for communion, we offer the peace of Christ to those around us through a handshake, hug or kiss of peace.

It is the most common way for Catholics to begin prayer, because it reminds us of our baptism.

Sin can be viewed as an action, an attitude, or a power.

One of the principles of Catholic social doctrine which protects the foundational principles of the dignity of every human person and the common good.

The son of David who becomes king at a time of great prosperity and success.

The Son of God is Jesus who shows us how to love the Father and one another.

Jesus is the son of God. The Christian tradition uses this title as synonymous for the Word of God, a way of expressing the reality of God's total self-giving.

These seven actions encourage a spiritual attitude which helps us think and act like Jesus.

A term used by Christians to describe how everything we do in life-work, study, play, eat, family, etc.

They are to represent the mature faith of the Church and help the candidate prepare for their sacramental initiation.

The penitential rite in the opening part of the Mass can be replaced by the sprinkling rite where the water from the baptismal font is blessed and used to sprinkle all the people to remind us of our baptism.

Brothers and martyrs in Rome around 362 A.D They are the saints chosen to be the patrons of SS. John and Paul Parish.

The stepfather of Jesus who had the faith to take Mary as his wife.

Devotion that honors Jesus' suffering and death on the cross.

The term refers to how the creation story in Genesis talks about God giving humanity dominion over the earth.

It is a narrow strip of cloth of the liturgical color of the season.

Prayer must begin and end in full trust in God. A lack of trust leads to using prayer and rituals in superstitious ways.