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Second bishop of Hexham, d. 686

Edgar the Peaceful

English king and patron of St. Dunstan, who served as his counselor. England underwent a religious revival in his reign, and he is venerated at Glastonbury.

Edmund Campion

English Jesuit, martyr, d. 1581.

Edmund Rich

This Archbishop of Canterbury died in 1240, and was canonized within six years

Edmund the Martyr

King of East Anglia, who died in 870

Edward the Confessor

King of England, who died in 1066

Edward the Martyr

King of England, assassinated at the age of 16 or 17 at the behest of his stepmother. St. Edward was murdered in 979

First Christian King of Northumbria, who died in 633. Also known, in Latinized form, as Aeduini


A Northumbrian by birth, became a monk in Ireland, died in 729 at the age of 90

Third bishop of Worcester, founded the Benedictine monastery of Evesham, d. 717 or 720

Abbot and Bishop of Ros-mic-Truin, d. first half of the sixth century. Some believe that Eimhin is the author of the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick

Sixth-century Irish woman, visionary

Irish princess, converted to Christianity by St. Patrick, died immediately after receiving her First Communion (433)


First Bishop of Tournai, early sixth century


Or Eloi. Bishop of Noyon-Tournai, founded several monasteries, d. 660


British princess, virgin, and martyr, fl. c. 490. Venerated especially in Wales.

Elizabeth Ann Seton

Founder of the Sisters of Charity in the United States

Elizabeth of Hungary

Also called St. Elizabeth of Thuringia. Biographical article on the princess, widow, Third Order Franciscan, who died in 1231

Elizabeth of Portugal

Queen, also known as St. Isabel, d. 1336

Elizabeth of Schönau

Benedictine visionary, friend of Hildegarde of Bingen. Elizabeth died in 1165

Nephew of St. Columba. This St. Colman was the first abbot of Muckamore. He died at Lynally (Lann Elo) in 611


Also called Alphege or Godwine. Hermit, abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, martyred in 1012.

Virgin and martyr, d. at Rome in the third century


Late seventh-century missionary to Bavaria, where he was martyred

Went from excommunicated worldly soldier to martyred archbishop. He was killed by his cousin in 1225

Some details on five Irish saints of this name


Hermit, deacon, poet


Erasmus was also known as Elmo. He was the bishop of Formiae, Campagna, Italy, and suffered martyrdom during Diocletian's persecution of the Christians.


Monk, Bishop of London, founded two monasteries, d. about 690


At the invitation of the missionary bishop Saint Rupert, the maiden Erentrude, a relative of his, left the city of Worms, Germany to begin a convent in the newly founded settlement of Salzburg (now in Austria).

Seventh-century Irish-born missionary bishop

Erhard of Regensburg

Bishop and missionary to Bavaria, Germany. An Irishman, Erhard was auxiliary bishop of Ratisbon and possibly the abbot of Ebersheimmunstet Abbey.

Eric IX of Sweden

Eric IX of Sweden King of Sweden from 1150, Eric did much to aid Christianity in his realm and was responsible for codifying the laws of his kingdom, which became known as King Eric's Law (also the code of Uppland).

Some people count more than two dozen saints of this name. Article tries to distinguish four of them

King of the East Angles, who was murdered in 794

Ethelbert of Kent

King of Kent, a worshipper of Odin well into his adulthood, converted to Christianity, d. 616


Queen of Northumbria, twice married for reasons of state, d. 679

Bishop of Winchester, called 'father of monks,' d. 984

First bishop of Trier (Treves). Second half of third century

Bishop of Lyons, theologian, d. about 449

Fourth abbot of Condat, d. 510. Also called St. Augendus, Oyand, or Oyan

Unanimously elected bishop of Carthage, exiled for a time for speaking out against the Arians, died 505

Martyred 12 February, 304, patron saint of sailors

Eulogius of Alexandria

Patriarch of Alexandria. Argued against Novatians, and against Nestorius and Eutyches. Eulogius died in 607

Eulogius of Cordova

Writer, martyr, elected Archbishop of Toledo shortly before he was beheaded (11 March, 859)


A desert mother, died after 410

According to the Vitae Patrum, passed as a man and lived in a men's monastery for 38 years. She died in about 470

A Roman presbyter, confessor, d. possibly in 357

Eusebius of Samosata

Anti-Arian bishop of Samosata, martyr, d. 379 or 380

Eusebius of Vercelli

Bishop of Vercelli, exiled for defending St. Athanasius, anti-Arian, martyr, d. 371

Companion of St. Columbanus and second abbot of Luxeuil, d. 625

Eustachius and Companions

Second-century Roman martyrs


Anti-Arian bishop of Antioch, died in exile, probably in 360

Eustochium Julia

Daughter of St. Paula. Monastic, spoke Latin and Greek, read Hebrew, the recipient of a famous letter from St. Jerome. She died in 419 or 420


Called 'the Great,' abbot in Palestine, d. 473


Both saints named Ewald (or Hewald)--Ewald the Black and Ewald the Fair--were Northumbrian priests, martyred in Old Saxony about 695

Or Exsuperius. Early fifth-century bishop of Toulouse