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Abban of Magheranoidhe

Irish monastic founder, d. 620

Contemporary of St. Abban of Magheranoidhe.

An Irishman who lived at Abingdon, England, before St. Patrick's lifetime

Benedictine monk, who died in 1004.

Persian martyrs in the Decian persecution. Died in about 250


Bishop of Melitene in the third century

Bishop of Hexham, companion of St. Wilfrid. Acca died in about 742.

Grandson of Charles Martel. Adalard was abbot of Corbie, and Pepin's prime minister. He died in 827.


Apostle of Prussia. Bishop of Prague, forced to flee his see. Missionary to the Hungarians and Poles. He was murdered in 997.

Apostle of the Slavs. Monk, missionary to Russia, abbot, and bishop of Magdeburg, d. 981.

Irish-born abbot of Iona, and St. Columba's biographer.


Or Adelheid. The widow of Otho, she died in 999.

Abbess, renowned for having the gift of miracles, d. 1015.

Benedictine monk, pilgrim, scholar, pastor, Archbishop of Vienne, d. 875.

African-born Benedictine abbot, d. 710

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Aedan of Ferns

Bishop and patron of Ferns, Ireland (550-632)


Cistercian abbot, homilist, spiritual writer, d. 1166 or 1167.

Irish hermit, hagiographer, poet, late eighth century.


Martyred at Augsburg in the Diocletian persecution (c. 304) for refusing to participate in pagan rites.


Virgin and martyr, died at Catania in Sicily, probably in the Decian persecution (250-253)

Abbot of Stavelot, bishop of Cologne, martyred in 750.

Agnes of Assisi

Younger sister of St. Clare, and prioress of the Poor Clares at Monticelli.

Agnes of Bohemia

Called Agnes of Prague in some lists, a princess, abbess, and thaumaturgist or miracle worker. She was born in 1200 in Prague, the daughter of King Ottocar and Queen Constance of Hungary, a relative of St. Elizabeth.

Agnes of Montepulciano

Entered the convent at the age of 9, commissioned by the pope to found a monastery at the age of 13 (and 2 years later she was made its superior), also founded a Dominican convent, d. 1317.

Agnes of Rome

Virgin, martyred at the age of 12 or 13, revered since at least the mid-fourth century.


Fourth-century bishop of Trier.

Aidan of Lindisfarne

Irish monk, first bishop of Lindisfarne, d. 651.

A disciple of St. Patrick and bishop of Emly, died in the first half of the sixth century.

Irishman, rector of the School of Clonard, distinguished scholar and author, d. 664.


First martyr of Britain, d. about 304.

Alban Bartholomew Roe

Missionary and martyr, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales. Alban is believed to have been born in Bury St. Edmund's, England, about 1580. He converted to Catholicism and went to the English College at Douai,

Alberic Crescitelli

Missionary and martyr. Born near Naples, Italy, Alberic joined the Milan Foreign Missionary Society and was sent to Chinain 1888.

Cardinal, bishop of Liege, martyred in 1192 or 1193.

Albertus Magnus

Also known as Known as Albert the Great. Called 'the Universal Doctor.' Dominican scientist, philosopher, theologian, instructor of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Bishop of Hexham, died 781.

Daughter of SS. Walbert and Bertilia. Flemish nun, founder of monastery at Maubeuge, d. about 684.


Abbot of Malmesbury, bishop of Sherborne, poet, d. about 709.

Bishop of Le Mans, d. 856.

Alexander of Alexandria

Patriarch of Alexandria. Elected instead of the heresiarch Arius, who had been scheming to be made bishop. A man of great holiness, St. Alexander died in 326.

Alexander of Comana

Called 'The Charcoal Burner.' Made bishop of Comana at the recommendation of St. Gregory Thaumaturgus. St. Alexander was martyred in the Decian persecution.

Alexander of Jerusalem

Alexander, Bishop of Cappadocia, imprisoned for his faith, served as coadjutor to the Bishop of Jerusalem. Exiled and again imprisoned, Alexander was tortured and died in prison in 251.

Alexis Falconieri

Visionary, co-founder of the Servites, uncle of St. Juliana Falconieri. St. Alexis died in 1310, at the age of 110 years.


Tries to untangle the story of the Man of God. According to tradition, a fifth-century Roman who became a beggar in Edessa. He is honored as a confessor of the Faith.

Daughter of King Offa of Mercia. Hermit at Crowland, fl. 795.

Monk of Winchester, became the last bishop of Sherborne, d. 1058.

English hermit and martyr, d. about 700.

Aloysius Gonzaga

Jesuit student, who died in 1591 at the age of 23.

Alphonsus Liguori

Founder of the Redemptorists and devotional writer

Alphonsus Rodriguez

Spanish-born widower, Jesuit lay brother, served as porter at Majorca for 46 years, d. 1617. Also known as Alonso.


Irish-born hermit and missionary in Bavaria, monastic founder, eighth century.


Close friend of St. Augustine of Hippo. Like Augustine, Alypius was baptized by Ambrose. St. Alypius became bishop of Tagaste.


Virgin who rejected Charlemagne's advances.

Sister or niece of Pepin of Landen. Amalberga was married to Witger; they both entered monastic life. Also called St. Amelia.


Hermit, missionary, bishop of Maastricht, monastic founder, d. about 690.


Bishop of Milan, and Doctor of the Church, who died in 397.

Born Ambrose Traversari, theologian, translator of many of the Fathers, author, d. 1439.

One of the desert fathers. Lived with his wife for 18 years as brother and sister, after which he became a hermit in Nitria and she also became a monk. Fourth-century Egypt.


Martyr, whose feast day is 25 December. Attracted a cultus at Rome in the late fifth century, and a sixth-century legend makes her a Roman matron, though martyred elsewhere.

Bishop of Antioch, exiled by the emperor, restored to his see in 593 by St. Gregory the Great. Anastasius died in 598.

Seventh-century abbot of the monastery of Mt. Sinai, vociferous opponent of the Monophysites and Monothelites, writer.

Anastasius the Persian

A former magician and soldier, converted to Christianity, became a monk. He was martyred in 628.

Virgin and martyr, was denounced as a Christian and put to death by the sword in the Decian persecution.


Patriarch of Constantinople, anti-Nestorian, anti-Eutychian. Some say he was killed by heretics in 458.

Third-century bishop of Laodicea, mathematician, scientist, philosopher.


The Apostle in Scripture and tradition.

Was stoned to death at Lampsacus, during the Decian persecution, along with his companion Paul.

Andrew Avellino

Canon lawyer, priest, reformer, Theatine, d. 1608.

Andrew Bobola

Polish Jesuit priest and missionary, martyred in 1657.

Andrew Corsini

Article on this Carmelite, called 'the Apostle of Florence,' regarded as a prophet and thaumaturgus, who became bishop of Fiesole, and died in 1373.

Andrew of Crete

Also known as Andreas, monk, bishop of Gortyna, best known for his hymnody, d. 740 or 720

Brother of St. Bridget the Younger and archdeacon of Fiesole, d. about 877.

Angela Merici

Founder of the Ursulines, who died in 1540.

Abbot of Centula, fathered two children by Charlemagne's unmarried daughter Bertha. He died in 814.


According to apocryphal literature, the mother of Mary.

Anne Line

A convert to Catholicism, hanged in 1601 for the (unproven) crime of harboring a priest. She is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.


Former soldier, Archbishop of Cologne, d. 1075.


Benedictine monk, missionary to Scandinavia, bishop of Hamburg, d. 865.

Benedictine monk, abbot, reformer, d. 833 or 834.


Monk, abbot, philosopher, theologian, Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor of the Church

Duke of Forum Julii, Benedictine monk, monastic founder, Abbot of Nonantula, d. 805

Anselm of Lucca, the Younger

Appointed bishop of Lucca by his uncle Anselm of Lucca the Elder (Pope Alexander II), then became a Benedictine monk, served as papal legate, and died in 1086.

Anthony of Egypt

Founder of Christian monasticism

Anthony of Padua

Augustinian canon turned Franciscan, priest, preacher, miracle worker, d. 1231. Known as 'the Hammer of the Heretics.'

Archbishop of Florence, Dominican reformer, moral theologian, d. 1459

Antonio Maria Zaccaria

A Doctor of Medicine, founder of the Barnabites, d. 1539.


Martyred in about 306 at the age of 18.


Born in Vienne, became bishop of Valence, was exiled to Sardinia, d. 520.

Second-century bishop of Hierapolis, apologist.


A virgin, possibly ordained, martyr at Alexandria in late 248 or early 249.


Irish, traveled to the Continent and became a hermit, bishop of Strasburg, famous for miracles. He died in 678.

A canon of Milan, reformer, martyr, murdered by agents of the bishop of Milan in 1065.

Arnulf of Metz

Frankish civil servant at the court of Austrasia, bishop of Metz, hermit, d. about 640.


A Roman, was tutor to the emperor's children before fleeing to the monastery of St. John the Dwarf. Arsenius died in 450.

First bishop of the Welsh town named after him. Second half of sixth century.

St. Patrick's coppersmith, also a renowned bellfounder, Bishop of Elphin.


Bishop of Alexandria, confessor and Doctor of the Church


Burgundian monk, companion of St. Columban in exile, co-founder and abbot of Bobbio, d. 627.

Contemporary of St. Patrick, founder of a hospice and several churches.

Augustine of Canterbury

Monk who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury, called 'Apostle of the English.'

Augustine of Hippo

Doctor of the Church

Bishop of Auxerre, d. 603


Apostle of Auverne, said to have been the first bishop of Clermont. Probably early fourth century.

Anti-Arian Bishop of Vienne, converted King Sigismund, was a renowned poet, d. about 518.