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Gabriel Lalement

A martyr of North America, assistant to St. John de Brebeuf. A Jesuit from Paris, Gabriel arrived in Canada in 1646 and worked at St. Ignace Mission in 1649.

Gabriel the Archangel

One of the three archangels mentioned in the Bible

Gaetana Sterni

Gaetana Sterni lived her whole life in Bassano del Grappa, an ancient and cheerful city in the province of Vicenza (Italy). She arrived with her family, at 8 years of age, from the nearby Cassola, where she was born on the 26th June 1827.

Gaetano Catanoso

Saint Gaetano Catanoso (February 14, 1879 - April 4, 1963) was an Italian parish priest canonized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.

Gaetano Errico

St. Gaetano Errico was born on October 19, 1791 in Secondigliano, a small village of Naples, Italy. He was the second of nine children born to Pasquale and Marie (Marseglia) Errico.

The sixteenth and twenty-third bishops of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne) were both named Gal, and both are saints. The first St. Gal was bishop from 527 to 551, and the second, from 640-650


Late sixth- to early seventh-century Irish hermit

A Roman widow of the sixth century; feast, 5 October

Three saints by this name commemorated on 25 June

First bishop of Tours, d. 301


Successor of St. Philastrius as bishop of Brescia. Gaudentius died c. 410


Patroness of Paris, d. 512

Gennadius I

Patriarch of Constantinople, d. 471


St. George, martyr, patron saint of England

English monk, Bishop of Mayo, d. 731

Gerard Majella

Tailor, Redemptorist, called 'Father of the Poor,' d. 1755

Gerard, Abbot of Brogne

Soldier turned monk, d. 959

Tenth-century bishop

Germain of Auxerre

A married lawyer, rather worldly, became Bishop of Auxerre, d. 448 or 450

Germain of Paris

Monk, Bishop of Paris, d. 576

Germaine Cousin

Sickly, pious shepherdess, cruelly treated by her stepmother. St. Germaine died in 1601, at the age of 22

Germanus I

Patriarch of Constantinople, defender of the veneration of ikons, d. 733 or 740

Gertrude of Nivelles

Benedictine abbess of a double monastery, d. 659

Gertrude the Great

Benedictine, mystic, author, d. 1301 or 1302

Gervasius and Protasius

Martyred in Milan, probably in the second century


Hermit in Belgium, confessor, died c. 680

Founder of the Gilbertines, who died in 1189


St. Gildas the Wise, also called 'Badonicus,' born to a British family in Scotland, educated in Wales, monk, priest, died in 570


Also known as Aegidius. Hermit and then abbot in late seventh-century Gaul


Priest, hermit, d. 649

Benedictine abbot, bishop of Hildesheim, d. 1038

Born in about 640, superior of a convent at Noyon

Physically and psychologically abused by her husband Bertolf and mother-in-law, until finally she was murdered at Bertolf's orders in 1070

Gonsalo Garcia

Franciscan martyr born in Vasai

Gordianus and Epimachus

Roman martyrs under Julian the Apostate. Both died in 362. Although they did not die together, they are buried together, and the cemetery is named after them. Identifies two other martyrs named Gordianus, considers several named Epimachus


Identifies six martyrs of this name. Article concentrates on an imperial official who suffered in the Diocletian persecution and whose feast is 9 September. His cult was strong in France

Wendish prince, considered a martyr, d. 1066

Gregory of Nazianzus

Doctor of the Church, known in the Christian East as St. Gregory the Theologian

Gregory of Nyssa

Bishop, one of the Cappadocian Fathers, d. after 385 or 386

Gregory of Tours

Bishop, historian, and theologian. He died in 593 or 594

Missionary companion of St. Boniface, and later an abbot, d. 775 or 780

Soldier, monk, and hermit, who died in 714

Bishop of Cambrai-Arras, d. between 623 and 626