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Divorced, remarried, widowed, penitent, renowned for her generosity. She died in 399 or 400


With companion Primitivus, Spanish martyrs beheaded on the site of Sahagun, Spain. A Benedictine abbey was erected on the spot.


St. Faith's feast day is October 6th. Her unreliable legend is that she was haled before Dacian, procurator at Agen, France, for her Christianity during Diocletian's persecution of the Christians

Faith, Hope & Charity

Two groups of martyrs. The first were martyred along with their mother Sophia during the reign of Hadrian, and buried on the Aurelian Way. The second band, also along with someone named Sophia, were martyred at a later date, and buried along the Appian Way


Bishop of Meaux France, andbrother of Sts. Chainoaldus and Burgundofara. also called Pharo. He was raised in the court of King Thibert of Austrasia and married Blidechild.

Faustino Miguez

Faustino Miguez born in a village of River Acevedo, Celanova, in the province of Orense, on March 24, 1831. Faustino was the fourth son of a hard working Christian family. He entered the novitiate of the Pious Schools of San Fernando in Madrid, in 1850 where he took the habit Piarist on 5 December of that year, with the name of Faustino of the Incarnation.

Faustinus and Jovita

Brothers martyred at Brescia in 120


Roman martyr. Article explains how she and the seven martyrs who are called her sons have come to have different feast days

Felicitas and Perpetua

Martyred at Carthage in 203

Felix and Adauctus

Martyrs at Rome in 303. 'Adauctus' is not the second martyr's proper name--it means 'added.'

Felix of Cantalice

Capuchin lay brother, known for his goodness, popular with children, d. 1587

Felix of Nola

Third-century confessor. Possibly the same as St. Felix of Nola, bishop and martyr

Felix of Valois

Co-founder of the Order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives, d. 1212

Ferdinand III

King of Leon and Castile, Third Order Franciscan, d. 1252

There are at least ten Irish saints named Fergus. This article gives details on three of them: St. Fergus Cruithneach, or the Pict, bishop, d. about 730; St. Fergus, Bishop of Duleek, d. 778; and St. Fergus, Bishop of Downpatrick, d. 583

Poet, chief bishop of Leinster, d. around 520


Irish priest and hermit, patron saint of gardeners, d. 670

Fidelis of Sigmaringen

Former lawyer who joined the Capuchins, and was sent as a missionary to the Calvinists. Martyred in 1622

Irish monk, second Bishop of Lindisfarne, d. 661

Bishop and patron of Cork, Ireland (550-623)

Irish monk, author of a monastic rule and a penitential. Also the founder of a famous school in County Down. St. Finnian died in 589

Two saints of this name: St. Fintan of Clonenagh, and St. Fintan (Munnu) of Taghmon


Bishop of Constantinople, excommunicated Eutyches, was the recipient of the famous 'Tome of Leo,' deposed by the Latrocinium, died from severe beatings in exile in 449


Sometimes called Florentia. Spanish nun, d. about 612

Florentius of Vienne

Bishop and martyr of Vienne, France, who attended the Council of Valence in 374.


Blood brother of SS. Fursey and Ultan. Irish-born abbot of Cnoberesburg until it was captured by the Mercians, whereupon Foillan fled to Nivelles. He was murdered in 652

St. Fothad Na Canoine ('of the Canon'), late eighth-century monk in County Donegal, bard

Frances of Rome

Wife and mother, Benedictine oblate, mystic, d. 1440

Francis Borgia

Duke of Gandia turned Jesuit

Francis Caracciolo

Co-founder of the Congregation of the Minor Clerks Regular, d. 1608

Francis Solanus

Spanish Franciscan missionary to South America, d. 1610

Francis Xavier

One of the first Jesuits, and missionary to Asia, who died in 1552

Italian Jesuit, a popular preacher with a flair for the dramatic, d. 1716

Francis de Sales

Bishop of Geneva, and Doctor of the Church, who died in 1622

Francis of Assisi

St. Francis, founder, mystic, perhaps the most beloved Catholic saint of all

Francis of Paula

Founder of the Order of Minims, d. 1507

Patron saint of Oxford, d. 735


Irish missionary, founded the Monastery of Saeckingen sometime before the ninth century

Hermit, abbot, archbishop, d. around 665

Bishop, was martyred along with his deacons Augurius and Eulogius in 259

Bishop of Lodeve, d. 1006

Bishop of Ecija, died sometime between 619 and 633

Fulgentius of Ruspe

Full name, Fabius Claudius Gordianus Fulgentius. Monk, abbot, Bishop of Ruspe, anti-Arian theologian, d. 533


Blood brother of St. Foillan. Fursey was an Irish monk and visionary, the abbot of Lagny. He died in about 650