24 May 2018

When it comes to Catholic religious education and faith formation, there is a lot to remember. There is also a lot to experience. Authentic faith formation means forming our children’s minds to know the doctrines of the Faith; it means forming their spirits by helping them develop a powerful prayer life, and it means forming their hearts by inspiring them to “love one another as Christ has loved us.”

17 May 2018

We are well into the month of May, and for us Catholics, that usually means one thing – Mary. May is celebrated throughout the Church, both privately and publicly, as Mary’s month, but why? Why is the month of May dedicated to Mary in a special way, and how can we celebrate it well?

16 May 2018

Engaging Catholic youth is an ongoing challenge. Catechists, Catholic school teachers, and youth ministers are constantly researching “best practices,” and are on a perpetual search for the perfect lesson or resource to engage their students. Parents face a similar struggle. How can we get our children to understand the Bible better, to recognize what is happening during the Mass, or to participate in the life of the Church?

27 April 2018

Hahahaha. Ha. Ha. If only this topic was as easy as a blog post. Really, if I had the answer to this I’d be making millions thousands as a Catholic speaker. I’d be the rockstar of Catholic mom bloggers with baby’s on their hips and disheveled dad’s bouncing their kids between baseball practice and karate recitals. “Chris, Chris, Chris.” They’d whisper chant my name so as to not wake up the baby, but I’d take it.

20 April 2018

Lent seems like a lonely endeavor sometimes. Everyone has their own sins to fight and their own sacrifices to keep up with. Even Christ was in the desert alone for forty days. So can Lent be a family activity?
It’s much easier for the second-biggest Catholic feast – Christmas – to involve the whole family. There’s making gifts, setting up the tree, and many other activities where everyone pitches in and everyone can see that Christmas is coming.

18 April 2018

During this exciting age of technology and of faith, there is a spiritual revival that is sweeping through the entire world. People are rediscovering their faith, or discovering it for the first time, and they are becoming thirsty for ways of connecting to God. Here at BibleZon, we are committed to helping people connect to their faith in new ways that remove distraction and provide convenient access to prayer. The following are several of the reasons that people love our Catholic Tablet.

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