6 Reasons Why Catholics Need A Catholic Tablet

18 April 2018

During this exciting age of technology and of faith, there is a spiritual revival that is sweeping through the entire world. People are rediscovering their faith, or discovering it for the first time, and they are becoming thirsty for ways of connecting to God. Here at BibleZon, we are committed to helping people connect to their faith in new ways that remove distraction and provide convenient access to prayer. The following are several of the reasons that people love our Catholic Tablet.

Reason 1: Consolidate.

How many of us have gone to our perpetual adoration chapel, and not knowing what exactly we will be lead to pray with, bring our journal, bible, Magnificat, breviary, and The Little flower, we then go, and settle into our seats in front of the Holy Eucharist, and feel resolutely lead to pray the rosary. With BibleZon, you do not ever have to be afraid at all of not having whatever spiritual readings or prayer books with you when you go to Adoration.

Reason 2: A Tablet is Lighter than the Bible

One of the strengths of BibleZon is that can be all of these, and it weighs only a few ounces. Again, harking back to the last reason- namely, consolidation, spiritual reading tends to be bulky, and for this reason it can be very inconvenient to truck around with you. With Biblezon, you can tuck it into your purse, back pack, or even carry it in your hand, and never have to worry about being to weighed down to travel with your spiritual readings. Lay down your burdens and use our Catholic Tablet, and see how light your heavy reading can be.

Reason 3: You can use apps to chart your spiritual growth.

A third great strength of using a tablet for prayer is that it is interactive, and can track your growth, record the amount of time that you have spent in prayer, remind you when to pray, and help keep you accountable to your spiritual goals. For anyone that is interested in growing in prayer, it can be very difficult to gain the discipline to take your spiritual life to the next level. The Church has been very clear in directing us to use our natural gifts of reason as we approach our spiritual life. If we find the use of planners and to do lists and alarms and reminders indispensable for managing our secular lives, why would we then not approach our spiritual growth with the same sort of intentionality? Using a holy tablet, such as BibleZon, you can easily chart your spiritual growth through its proprietary apps.

Reason 4: Keep track of prayer requests & intentions

To piggyback off of the last reason, one of the most difficult parts of intercessory prayer can be to remember who we have promised to pray for and when. Keeping lists in your journal can be helpful, but a virtual list is much easier to manage and therefore keep track of.

Reason 5: Search the Bible or Catechism

How many times have you sat down with the Bible and meant to read a story, but wasted ten minutes of your precious prayer time simply looking for the story or passage? Even the well read, well educated Catholic can feel like finding a passage of the catechism can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With BibleZon, not only can you have both of these major tools at your fingertips at all times, but you can also search them quickly, so that if you need to show a Protestant friend exactly what the Church believes about Mary, you won't need to spend valuable time simply flipping pages.

Reason 6: No earthly distractions

One of the most powerful reasons for using the tablet, as opposed to your phone or Ipad for all of these above reasons, is that the Biblezon is not usable for surfing the internet or for delivering facebook notifications to interrupt your prayer. Prayer is difficult enough as it is- we do not need to add any extra distractions to interrupt this holy work. With the Biblezon tablet, you can turn off your phone and truly escape the secular world. It is like a digital chapel that you can carry around with you, an easy retreat from your emails.

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