Seven Reasons to Make Catholic Brain a Part of Your Classroom

21 Aug 2018
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Catholic Brain is a reliable resource to find supplemental materials on nearly every topic.

Searching the Internet for good Catholic resources can be time consuming, and you can never be sure of what you’ll find. And even the best firewalls do not make it safe for children to search without supervision. But with Catholic Brain, teachers can be confident that their and their students’ searches will provide useful, authentically Catholic materials.

Home study

Because Catholic Brain is accessible from home, students can work on it outside of class, and easily share with their families what they are learning.

Daily Activities

Catholic Brain provides daily Scripture readings, quizzes, and activities. It is a perfect way to start the school day, and to have students participate in a regular, consistent, habit-forming manner.

Catholic Brain is fun and interactive.

With more than 5,000 videos, animated songs, Bible stories, games, and quizzes, Catholic Brain provides a simple way to get students engaged and active with their faith formation. Catholic Brain also allows students to earn points and rewards, keeping them motivated to progress.

Catholic Brain follows the liturgical year

Not only does it offer the daily Mass readings, allowing students to follow the Scriptures with the Church, Catholic Brain offers seasonal activities for Advent, Lent, and Pentecost, making it easy for teachers to help students experience the different liturgical seasons.

Competitions and Prizes

Catholic Brain has hosted some stimulating faith competitions, such as the First Communion Bowl, Confirmation Bowl, Catholic Bible Challenge, and Catechism Bowl. These exciting competitions allow students to test their knowledge of the Faith against Catholic Brain users around the world, with the chance to earn prizes, as well as recognition for their schools.

Finally, Catholic Brain offers a teacher portal that makes it convenient to manage and track student progress.

With this tool, teachers can not only access lesson plans, create quizzes, and assign materials, they can also easily monitor students’ usage and keep record of their achievement.

For teachers who have not yet experienced all that Catholic Brain has to offer in one online location, this year may be the time to do it! See how this innovative tool can provide a seemingly endless supply of interactive materials, engage students and families on a daily basis, and make managing students a convenient task. God bless your upcoming year!

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