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Adventure Catechism Curriculum Pre-K 4

Adventure Catechism Curriculum Pre-K 4

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The Adventure Catechism curriculum introduces students to important concepts of the Catholic faith in a spiraled approach, building children's knowledge of the faith from year-to-year throughout the series. The series is for students from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade. The Adventure Catechism is organized in the same manner as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and in accord with the guidelines for religious education from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The series is a companion to the ever popular Brother Francis Adventure Catechism Videos.

Unit 1: God, Creator and Father 

Lesson 1: God Made Everything 

Lesson 2: God is My Father 

Lesson 3: We Must Take Care of God’s Creation 

Unit 2: Choices, Sin, and Forgiveness 

Lesson 4: God Teaches Us How to Live 

Lesson 5: Sometimes We Make Bad Choices 

Lesson 6: God Always Wants to Forgive Us 

Unit 3: Jesus

Lesson 7: Jesus Loves Me 

Lesson 8: Jesus is God 

Lesson 9: Jesus is Human 

Unit 4: Mary

Lesson 10: Mary is Jesus’ Mother

Lesson 11: Mary is Our Mother

Lesson 12: I Can Pray the Rosary

Unit 5: The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 13: Jesus is Born

Lesson 14: The Holy Family

Lesson 15: Celebrating Advent and Christmas

Unit 6: The Crucifixion

Lesson 16: Jesus, Teacher and Healer

Lesson 17: Jesus Died for Us

Lesson 18: Celebrating Lent and Good Friday

Unit 7: The Resurrection

Lesson 19: Jesus Rose from the Dead

Lesson 20: I Will Rise from the Dead

Lesson 21: Celebrating Easter

Unit 8: The Church

Lesson 22: The Church is the People of God

Lesson 23: Baptism Makes Us Catholic

Lesson 24: The Sacraments are Helps from Jesus

Unit 9: Reconciliation and the Eucharist

Lesson 25: Reconciliation Is a Sacrament of Forgiveness

Lesson 26: The Eucharist is the Body of Christ

Lesson 27: The Mass is Perfect WorshiM

Unit 10: Prayer

Lesson 28: What is Prayer?

Lesson 29: There are Many Ways to Pray

Lesson 30: I Must Pray Every Day