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Light to the Nations Part 1

Light to the Nations Part 1

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From the coming of Jesus Christ to the achievements of medieval Christendom to the threshold of the Enlightenment projects of the 18th century, God's work in history reveals itself. This book combines narrative accounts with the necessary facts, dates, short biographies, and concept definitions needed for a Christian cultural understanding. The central focus of the volume is the effect on human civilization wrought by the Christian Faith. Drawing on the work of Catholic historians of the 20th century--Christopher Dawson, Hilaire Belloc, and Frederick Wilhelmsen---the authors have crafted a Catholic and accurate account of our Western heritage to convey our story to youth.

This first volume opens with the life of Christ and walks through the achievements of medieval Christendom up to the threshold of the 18th century Enlightenment.

From the Founding General Editor

Introduction: History's Beginnings

Chapter 1: A Light to the Nations 

Chapter 2: Emperors and Madmen 

Chapter 3: The Blood of Martyrs 

Chapter 4: The Christian Empire 

Chapter 5: Germanic Kingdoms in the West 

Chapter 6: Founders of Christendom - A.D.500-700

Chapter 7: The Rise of Islam - A.D.624-800

Chapter 8: The Defense and the Building of Christendom 

Chapter 9: The Achievements of Feudalism: A.D.800-1000

Chapter 10: The Medieval Reformation 

Chapter 11: The New Nations: Spain, England, and France 

Chapter 12: The Crusades 

Chapter 13: The Great Century 

Chapter 14: Decline and Decay of the Middle Ages 

Chapter 15: Two Centuries of Conflict 

Chapter 16: The Birth of a New World 

Chapter 17: The Protestant Reformation 

Chapter 18: Catholic Renewal and Religious War 

Chapter 19: Europe Before the Flood 

Supplemental Chapters

China: The Middle Kingdom 

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun 

Africa: The Enduring Continent 

Latin America: Lands of Many Cultures 

The Scientific Revolution 

Two Revolutions: Industrial and Agricultural 

The Age of Enlightenment