A Journey Across America: California Workbook

A Journey Across America: California Workbook

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Written by Catholic Textbook Project's General Editor, Christopher Zehnder, A Journey Across America: California is the first of seven regional volumes coming out in 2018 and 2019. The Journey Across America series is written for the fourth grade. The book engages the student through colorful photos, maps, narrative writing, and thumbnail biographies.

This workbook is thoughtfully designed to enhance students' experience of the A Journey Across America: California textbook and help them comprehend the subject matter.

Chapter 1: The Discovery of California 

Chapter 2: California?s First People 

Chapter 3: The Apostle of California 

Chapter 4: Spanish California 

Chapter 5: California Becomes Mexican 

Chapter 6: The Conquest of California 

Chapter 7: The Gold Rush 

Chapter 8: War, Mails, and Rails 

Chapter 9: A Time of Growth and Struggle 

Chapter 10: How Today's California Came to Be