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Light to the Nations Part 2

Light to the Nations Part 2

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This volume presents the history of the modern era in story form, giving proper emphasis to dates, central characters, and key concepts in each era. The central consideration of this volume is how modern ideas, institutions, and culture have developed from the high centuries of Christian culture. Drawing on the guidance of Catholic thinkers and the popes (particularly Leo XIII, Pius XI, Pius XII, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI), this history presents the hope that Christian thought and work hold for the future. End of chapter reviews and other material highlight dates and events, characters in history, and definitions of key terms.

This second volume begins at the Enlightenment and considers how modern ideas, institutions, and cultures have developed from the high centuries of Christianity.

From the Founding General Editor, CTP x

Introduction: The Scientific Revolution

Chapter 1: The Age of Enlightenment 

Chapter 2: The Age of Enlightened Despots 

Chapter 3: The Church Before the Revolution 

Chapter 4: Revolution in France 

Chapter 5: Many Revolutions 

Chapter 6: The Rise and Fall of Jacobin France 

Chapter 7: The Triumph of the "Little Corporal"

Chapter 8: The Defense and the Building of Christendom 

Chapter 9: Metternich's Europe 

Chapter 10: Romanticism and Revolt, Part I 

Chapter 11: Romanticism and Revolt, Part II

Chapter 12: The Triumph of Liberalism

Chapter 13: An Era of Change and Conflict

Chapter 14: New Powers, Old Battles

Chapter 15: Into a New Century 

Chapter 16: Europe at War

Chapter 17: The "Great War"

Chapter 18: The Rise of Totalitarian Regimes

Chapter 19: An Even Greater War

Chapter 20: The End of a War and the Beginning of a New World