Adventure Catechism Curriculum Pre-K 3

Adventure Catechism Curriculum Pre-K 3

The Adventure Catechism curriculum introduces students to important concepts of the Catholic faith in a spiraled approach, building children's knowledge of the faith from year-to-year throughout the series. The series is for students from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade. The Adventure Catechism is organized in the same manner as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and in accord with the guidelines for religious education from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The series is a companion to the ever-popular brother Francis Adventure Catechism Videos.

Chapter 1 Creation

Chapter 2 Adam and Eve

Chapter 3 Noah 

Chapter 4 Abraham 

Chapter 5 The Birth of Moses

Chapter 6 The Exodus

Chapter 7 The Ten Commandments

Chapter 8 David and Goliath

Chapter 9 The Annunciation

Chapter 10 The Birth of Jesus

Chapter 11 The Visit of the Wisemen

Chapter 12 Finding the Child Jesus

Chapter 13 The Baptism of Jesus

Chapter 14 The Wedding Feast of Cana

Chapter 15 Calling the Apostles

Chapter 16 Healing the Paralyzed Man

Chapter 17 Raising Jairus’ Daughter

Chapter 18 Feeding 5,000 People

Chapter 19 Jesus Walks on Water

Chapter 20 The Transfiguration

Chapter 21 Jesus and the Children

Chapter 22 Raising Lazarus from the Dead

Chapter 23 Entry into Jerusalem

Chapter 24 Cleansing the Temple

Chapter 25 The Last Supper

Chapter 26 Jesus is Arrested

Chapter 27 The Crucifixion

Chapter 28 The Resurrection

Chapter 29 The Ascension

Chapter 30 Pentecost