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The American Venture

The American Venture

Price: $32

Covering the history of the United States from the first settlements to the mid-20th century, this volume is aimed at grades 7-8, and weaves the story of the Catholic Church in America together with standard historical themes. It includes discussions of the U.S. and state constitutions, a civics treatment of the U.S. Constitution, and historical treatments of European, non-European, and Native American cultures in the United States. This book combines the lavish use of color photos, drawings, and maps with excellent writing, thumbnail biographies, and the lives of saints. Told in a narrative format to engage student interest and invite them into the story of history, this volume and history series is the best available today.

Chapter 1 Explorers and Fortune Seekers

Chapter 2 England Settles North America

Chapter 3 Kindling the Spirit of Rebellion

Chapter 4 A New Nation

Chapter 5 A New Constitution

Chapter 6 A Walk through the United States Constitution

Chapter 7 The New President and a Bill of Rights

Chapter 8 The Making of the United States

Chapter 9 Democracy and the Republic

Chapter 10 "Manifest Destiny" - the Push to the West

Chapter 11 America, Old and New

Chapter 12 The Last Days of the Union

Chapter 13 The Civil War

Chapter 14 Post-War America

Chapter 15 Finale to the Indian Wars

Chapter 16 Industrial America

Chapter 17 Into a New Century

Chapter 18 A War for Democracy?

Chapter 19 The Wild Decade

Chapter 20 Depression, New Deals, and War

Chapter 21 The Greater War: World War II

Chapter 22 In the Aftermath of World War II

Chapter 23 America's Tumultuous Years