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Sirach 49

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Sirach 49

Josiah and Other Worthies

1The memory of Josi'ah is like a blending of incense

prepared by the art of the perfumer;

it is sweet as honey to every mouth,

and like music at a banquet of wine.

2He was led aright in converting the people,

and took away the abominations of iniquity.

3He set his heart upon the Lord;

in the days of wicked men he strengthened godliness.

4Except David and Hezeki'ah and Josi'ah

they all sinned greatly,

for they forsook the law of the Most High;

the kings of Judah came to an end;

5for they gave their power to others,

and their glory to a foreign nation,

6who set fire to the chosen city of the sanctuary,

and made her streets desolate,

according to the worda of Jeremiah.

7For they had afflicted him;

yet he had been consecrated in the womb as prophet,

to pluck up and afflict and destroy,

and likewise to build and to plant.

8It was Ezekiel who saw the vision of glory

which Godb showed him above the chariot of the cherubim.

9For Godc remembered his enemies with storm,

and did good to those who directed their ways aright.d

10May the bones of the twelve prophets

revive from where they lie,

for they comforted the people of Jacob

and delivered them with confident hope.

11How shall we magnify Zerub'babel?

He was like a signet on the right hand,

12and so was Jeshua the son of Jo'zadak;

in their days they built the house

and raised a templee holy to the Lord,

prepared for everlasting glory.

13The memory of Nehemi'ah also is lasting;

he raised for us the walls that had fallen,

and set up the gates and bars

and rebuilt our ruined houses.


14No one like Enoch has been created on earth,

for he was taken up from the earth.

15And no man like Josephf has been born,

and his bones are cared for.

16Shem and Seth were honored among men,

and Adam above every living being in the creation.