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Sirach 47

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Sirach 47


1And after him Nathan rose up

to prophesy in the days of David.


2As the fat is selected from the peace offering,

so David was selected from the sons of Israel.

3He played with lions as with young goats,

and with bears as with lambs of the flock.

4In his youth did he not kill a giant,

and take away reproach from the people,

when he lifted his hand with a stone in the sling

and struck down the boasting of Goliath?

5For he appealed to the Lord, the Most High,

and he gave him strength in his right hand

to slay a man mighty in war,

to exalt the powera of his people.

6So they glorified him for his ten thousands,

and praised him for the blessings of the Lord,

when the glorious diadem was bestowed upon him.

7For he wiped out his enemies on every side,

and annihilated his adversaries the Philistines;

he crushed their powerb even to this day.

8In all that he did he gave thanks

to the Holy One, the Most High, with ascriptions of glory;

he sang praise with all his heart,

and he loved his Maker.

9He placed singers before the altar,

to make sweet melody with their voices.

10He gave beauty to the feasts,

and arranged their times throughout the year,c

while they praised God'sd holy name,

and the sanctuary resounded from early morning.

11The Lord took away his sins,

and exalted his powere for ever;

he gave him the covenant of kings

and a throne of glory in Israel.


12After him rose up a wise son

who fared amplyf because of him;

13Solomon reigned in days of peace,

and God gave him rest on every side,

that he might build a house for his name

and prepare a sanctuary to stand for ever.

14How wise you became in your youth!

You overflowed like a river with understanding.

15Your soul covered the earth,

and you filled it with parables and riddles.

16Your name reached to far-off islands,

and you were loved for your peace.

17For your songs and proverbs and parables,

and for your interpretations, the countries marveled at you.

18In the name of the Lord God,

who is called the God of Israel,

you gathered gold like tin

and amassed silver like lead.

19But you laid your loins beside women,

and through your body you were brought into subjection.

20You put a stain upon your honor,

and defiled your posterity,

so that you brought wrath upon your children

and they were grievedg at your folly,

21so that the sovereignty was divided

and a disobedient kingdom arose out of E'phraim.

22But the Lord will never give up his mercy,

nor cause any of his works to perish;

he will never blot out the descendants of his chosen one,

nor destroy the posterity of him who loved him;

so he gave a remnant to Jacob,

and to David a root of his stock.

Rehoboam and Jeroboam

23Solomon rested with his fathers,

and left behind him one of his sons,

ample inh folly and lacking in understanding,

Rehobo'am, whose policy caused the people to revolt.

Also Jerobo'am the son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin

and gave to E'phraim a sinful way.

24Their sins became exceedingly many,

so as to remove them from their land.

25For they sought out every sort of wickedness,

till vengeance came upon them.