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Wisdom of Solomon 10

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Wisdom of Solomon 10

The Work of Wisdom from Adam to Moses

1Wisdoma protected the first-formed father of the world,

when he alone had been created;

she delivered him from his transgression,

2and gave him strength to rule all things.

3But when an unrighteous man departed from her in his anger,

he perished because in rage he slew his brother.

4When the earth was flooded because of him, wisdom again saved it,

steering the righteous man by a paltry piece of wood.

5Wisdomb also, when the nations in wicked agreement had been confounded,

recognized the righteous man and preserved him blameless before God,

and kept him strong in the face of his compassion for his child.

6Wisdomc rescued a righteous man when the ungodly were perishing;

he escaped the fire that descended on the Five Cities.d

7Evidence of their wickedness still remains:

a continually smoking wasteland,

plants bearing fruit that does not ripen,

and a pillar of salt standing as a monument to an unbelieving soul.

8For because they passed wisdom by,

they not only were hindered from recognizing the good,

but also left for mankind a reminder of their folly,

so that their failures could never go unnoticed.

9Wisdom rescued from troubles those who served her.

10When a righteous man fled from his brother's wrath,

she guided him on straight paths;

she showed him the kingdom of God,

and gave him knowledge of angels;e

she prospered him in his labors,

and increased the fruit of his toil.

11When his oppressors were covetous,

she stood by him and made him rich.

12She protected him from his enemies,

and kept him safe from those who lay in wait for him;

in his arduous contest she gave him the victory,

so that he might learn that godliness is more powerful than anything.

13When a righteous man was sold, wisdomf did not desert him,

but delivered him from sin.

She descended with him into the dungeon,

14and when he was in prison she did not leave him,

until she brought him the scepter of a kingdom

and authority over his masters.

Those who accused him she showed to be false,

and she gave him everlasting honor.

Wisdom Led the Israelites out of Egypt

15A holy people and blameless race

wisdomg delivered from a nation of oppressors.

16She entered the soul of a servant of the Lord,

and withstood dread kings with wonders and signs.

17She gave holy men the reward of their labors;

she guided them along a marvelous way,

and became a shelter to them by day,

and a starry flame through the night.

18She brought them over the Red Sea,

and led them through deep waters;

19but she drowned their enemies,

and cast them up from the depth of the sea.

20Therefore the righteous plundered the ungodly;

they sang hymns, O Lord, to thy holy name,

and praised with one accord thy defending hand,

21because wisdom opened the mouth of the dumb,

and made the tongues of babes speak clearly.