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Fourth Grade

Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 4, Chapter 1 --- You are God's work of art

Do you like arts and crafts? Have you ever made something that you were really proud of? Maybe it was an art project at school, or maybe you cooked or built something with your mom, dad, or grandparent. It's fun to be creative and use your imagination. Drawing, painting, sculpture, cooking, and music are some ways that we can create something that no one has ever done before. And when we're finished, we take pride in our work and share it with those we love.

Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 4, Chapter 2 --- You are God's work of art

When we are finished creating a piece of art, we are careful not to break or damage it in any way. Because each person is God's handiwork, people need to be handled with care, too. That's why God gives us rules to follow so that we treat each other with kindness and respect. But sometimes, people choose to break those rules. We call this sin.

Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 4, Chapter 3 --- You are God's work of art

The Bible reminds us of what we learned: "Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you our potter" (Isaiah 64:7). You are God's work of art, and He delights in you! God the Father sent His Son, Jesus, to save you from your sins and to restore your friendship with the Father. Even though Jesus lived on earth a long time ago, He is alive today and wants to be your best friend.