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Adventure Catechism 01-10

Adventure Catechism Lesson 01 - Who Made the World?

Dive into many of the basic questions kids ask: Who made the World? Who made God?

Adventure Catechism Lesson 02 - Who is Jesus?

Children will get to know the many titles of Jesus, how His coming was foretold and the amazing way God saves us by Him.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 03 - Who is Mary?

After the Trinity, Mary is one of the most important gifts of God to us. Children learn about the role she plays in history and in each of our lives.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 04 - Who is the Holy Spirit?

Not everyone understands who the Third Person of the Trinity is, but this compelling explanation will help them find out!

Adventure Catechism Lesson 05 - What is the Catholic Church?

The Church is more than just a building. It is a vibrant community that had its beginnings during Jesus’ time on earth, and has continued to grow and flourish throughout history until this present day!

Adventure Catechism Lesson 06 - What is the Bible?

Children will learn why the Bible is one of a kind, the books that comprise it and how God speaks to us through it.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 07 - What are the Ten Commandments?

Learn how and why God gave us these commandments to live and serve Him by, and the blessings they bring upon every life as we obey them.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 08 - What are the Two Great Commandments?

Jesus spoke about the two commandments which, if followed, will help us fulfill all the remaining ones.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 09 - What is Prayer?

From an early age, children learn many prayers by heart, but how do these prayers bring us into a relationship with God? What other kinds of prayers are there?

Adventure Catechism Lesson 10 - What is the Lord's Prayer?

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, He taught them the Our Father. Learn how this special prayer embodies God's will for His children.