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Sirach 10

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Sirach 10

1A wise magistrate will educate his people,

and the rule of an understanding man will be well ordered.

2Like the magistrate of the people, so are his officials;

and like the ruler of the city, so are all its inhabitants.

3An undisciplined king will ruin his people,

but a city will grow through the understanding of its rulers.

4The government of the earth is in the hands of the Lord,

and over it he will raise up the right man for the time.

5The success of a man is in the hands of the Lord,

and he confers his honor upon the person of the scribe.a

The Sin of Pride

6Do not be angry with your neighbor for any injury,

and do not attempt anything by acts of insolence.

7Arrogance is hateful before the Lord and before men,

and injustice is outrageous to both.

8Sovereignty passes from nation to nation

on account of injustice and insolence and wealth.

9How can he who is dust and ashes be proud?

for even in life his bowels decay.b

10A long illness baffles the physician;c

the king of today will die tomorrow.

11For when a man is dead,

he will inherit creeping things, and wild beasts, and worms.

12The beginning of man's pride is to depart from the Lord;

his heart has forsaken his Maker.

13For the beginning of pride is sin,

and the man who clings to it pours out abominations.

Therefore the Lord brought upon them extraordinary afflictions,

and destroyed them utterly.

14The Lord has cast down the thrones of rulers,

and has seated the lowly in their place.

15The Lord has plucked up the roots of the nations,d

and has planted the humble in their place.

16The Lord has overthrown the lands of the nations,

and has destroyed them to the foundations of the earth.

17He has removed some of them and destroyed them,

and has extinguished the memory of them from the earth.

18Pride was not created for men,

nor fierce anger for those born of women.

Persons Deserving Honor

19What race is worthy of honor?

The human race.

What race is worthy of honor?

Those who fear the Lord.

What race is unworthy of honor?

The human race.

What race is unworthy of honor?

Those who transgress the commandments.

20Among brothers their leader is worthy of honor,

and those who fear the Lord are worthy of honor in his eyes.e

22The rich, and the eminent, and the poor-

their glory is the fear of the Lord.

23It is not right to despise an intelligent poor man,

nor is it proper to honor a sinful man.

24The nobleman, and the judge, and the ruler will be honored,

but none of them is greater than the man who fears the Lord.

25Free men will be at the service of a wise servant,

and a man of understanding will not grumble.

Concerning Humility

26Do not make a display of your wisdom when you do your work,

nor glorify yourself at a time when you are in want.

27Better is a man who works and has an abundance of everything,

than one who goes about boasting, but lacks bread.

28My son, glorify yourself with humility,

and ascribe to yourself honor according to your worth.

29Who will justify the man that sins against himself?

And who will honor the man that dishonors his own life?

30A poor man is honored for his knowledge,

while a rich man is honored for his wealth.

31A man honored in poverty, how much more in wealth!

And a man dishonored in wealth, how much more in poverty!