Founded in 2017, CatholicBrain's mission is to empower every Catholic to grow in faith. Students, parents, teachers, catechist and DRE's use CatholicBrain to access interactive resources & teaching tools, connect with parents and manage an entire faith formation or religious education program.

Our Story

Our story is one of faith, passion and love of the Catholic faith. CatholicBrain was put together by a devout Catholic parent and catechist with help and direction from various school teachers, priests and education consultants. Our founderís passion and love for the faith is what drives him to continuously innovate and find new ways to engage young Catholics in their faith.

Our Values:

  • Diversity: We work with people of all cultures, races and backgrounds as our brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Innovation: Creating new and exciting ways to learn, live, and practice our Catholic faith
  • Service: Of service to Christ and neighbor
  • Conservative: Maintaining our Catholic values, and tradition
  • Inspire: We inspire every Catholic to live a faith driven life
  • Professional: We believe in professional work
  • Lead: We lead all people to Christ and His Church
  • Excellence: We are committed in building the best quality products for 21st Century Faith Formation

The mission of CatholicBrain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, motivate and inspire every Catholic to learn their faith, know their faith and live it daily. We design and develop innovative products and programs for 21st Century Faith Formation.

Our Vision

An entire new generation of Catholics who know, understand and actively live their faith.

Executive Team

Catholic Brain - Mosongo Osong

Mosongo Osong

Catholic Brain - Vimal Mathew

Vimal Mathew

Catholic Brain - Pete Socks

Pete Socks

Director of Content
Catholic Brain - Carolyn Eisele

Charlie Minjares

Director of Sales
Catholic Brain - Carolyn Eisele

Mary Wilson

Customer Service & Subscription Manager

Board Members & Consultants

Catholic Brain - Daniel Hennessy

Daniel Hennessy

Catholic Brain - Mark Salvia

Mark Salvia

Catholic Brain - Ellen Rossini

Ellen Rossini

Content Development Consultant
Catholic Brain - Monica Woodson

Monica Woodson

Content Development Consultant
Catholic Brain - Lisa Haskel

Paola Ciskanik

Business Development Consultant
Catholic Brain - Carolyn Eisele

Carolyn Eisele

Content Development Consultant