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Looking to engage students this Lent? Or provide catechists, teachers & parents with the right resources for Lent? Below is CatholicBrain.com's pre-K through 8th grade comprehensive Lent resource library, created by educators & catechists. From our daily readings, reflections, prayers, videos, songs, classroom activities, games, quizzes, and lesson plans, Lent will be enjoyable and meaningful for every student.

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Saint Colette, Feast Day March 6

Saint Colette, Feast Day March 6

Nicolette was born in France. She was nicknamed Colette from the time she was a baby. Her parents quickly noticed that Colette liked to pray and that she had a sensitive, loving nature. When she turned seventeen, both her mother and father died. She went to live in an abbey where her father had worked as a carpenter....

Lent Day 1 - The Presentation of Jesus

Saint Of The Day

Lent Day 1 - The Presentation of Jesus...