Adventure Catechism Student Edition

Adventure Catechism Student Edition

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This series introduces students to the teachings of our Catholic Faith in a spiraled approach that will help them grow in faith as they grow in age. It is also meant to help them develop a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Introduction.. 6

Chapter 1: God and His Creation..8 

Chapter 2: The Bible..17

Chapter 3: Made for God..24

Chapter 4: Sin Hurts Our Relationship with God..32 

Chapter 5: Jesus, God Made Man, Come to Save Us..38

Chapter 6: Jesus Died for Us..46 

Chapter 7: Jesus Rose from the Dead..54

Chapter 8: The Church..63 

Chapter 9: Mary is our Mother..73

Chapter 10: The Sacraments..82 

Chapter 11: Baptism..89 

Chapter 12: The Eucharist..95 

Chapter 13: The Mass..102 

Chapter 14: Recieving the Eucharist..109 

Chapter 15: Reconciliation..115 

Chapter 16: Confession..124 

Chapter 17: Contrition..134 

Chapter 18: Penance..144 

Chapter 19: Making a Good Confession..152 

Chapter 20: Sacraments of Service: Matrimony..160 

Chapter 21: Sacraments of Service: Holy Orders..167 

Chapter 22: Free Will and Virtues..176 

Chapter 23: Our Conscience..185 

Chapter 24: The Ten Commandments..193 

Chapter 25: The New Commandments..203 

Chapter 26: Loving God and Loving Others..211 

Chapter 27: What is Prayer?..221 

Chapter 28: Learning to Pray..230 

Chapter 29: Payer Focus..240 

Chapter 30: The Nicene Creed..249

Second Grade Appendix ? Prayers..257