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The first of our history textbooks, this volume is aimed at grades 5-6 and teaches American history and geography. Produced using the highest quality in design, color, illustrations, paper and bindings, this textbook tells the story of North America--the Indian nations, European colonization, and the founding and history of the United States up to the Twentieth Century. Told as a series of historically accurate stories, the textbook includes thumbnail biographies, lives of the saints, maps, illustrations, and other supplemental material. The lavish use of color photos, drawings, and maps, combined with the excellent writing of highly qualified teachers, authors and editors, make this volume and history series the best available today.

This textbook tells the story of North America from the very beginning up to the twentieth century. Told in a pioneering narrative format, this book boldly includes the lives of the saints, who were indispensable figures in history.

Chapter 1: A New World 

Chapter 2: Conquest of the New World 

Chapter 3: Conquistadors of Christ 

Chapter 4: France in the New World 

Chapter 5: England Comes to America 

Chapter 6: The Battle for North America 

Chapter 7: If This Be Treason 

Chapter 8: The Revolutionary War 

Chapter 9: How We Got Our Constitution 

Chapter 10: The Early Days of a New Nation 

Chapter 11: Catholics in the Early United States 

Chapter 12: The Young Republic Grows 

Chapter 13: In the Days of Old Hickory 

Chapter 14: The Fight for the Far West 

Chapter 15: America between the Wars 

Chapter 16: The Civil War, Part 1 

Chapter 17: The Civil War, Part 2 

Chapter 18: The Wild West 

Chapter 19: Land of Steel and Steam 

Chapter 20: Catholics in America 


Supplemental Chapter

 The Great Awakening