Alive In Christ School Grade 6

Alive In Christ School Grade 6

We also learn about God through his creation. The beauty of the desert, the majesty of mountains, and the complexity of animals all tell us something about God and his ways. The vastness of space gives us a glimpse of eternity..

In response to the needs of catechetical leaders, catechists, pastors, and parents, Our Sunday Visitor is proud to announce Alive in Christ, a premier religion curriculum that engages today's children.

*Jesus Christ is at the Center

Alive in Christ is intentional in its focus on the life, mission and saving work of Jesus Christ. This lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jesus, who "...alone can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity"(CCC 426).

*Building Knowledge of, and Reverence for, Sacred Scripture

Sacred Scripture from both the Old and New Testament is presented in ways that encourage students to learn about the people and stories of the Bible and listen to the voice of God.

*Comprehensive Presentation of Catholic Teaching

Alive in Christ provides a comprehensive and systematic presentation of the Catholic faith. Key themes of Catholic teaching are repeated each year through a grade-level lens, building on the child's knowledge of the faith at each developmental stage.

*Unique and Effective Pedagogy

Mirroring the divine pedagogy, each lesson begins with God's invitation through Sacred Scripture and leads children to reflect on his Word, study it in Sacred Tradition, and respond with a lived faith.

*Developmentally Responsive and Appropriate

Written by a team of experts in child psychology, education and theology, Alive in Christ incorporates the most trusted research on how children learn and communicate. Faith concepts are presented at important developmental "windows"?ages when research in child development tells us that learning about a particular topic would be most effective.

*Putting Faith into Practice

Activities and questions throughout each lesson prompt children to relate knowledge of our faith with their life experience so they can apply the many ways we worship, live, pray, and serve together as Catholics.

*Complete and Purposeful Approach to Prayer and Worship

At every grade level, Alive in Christ intentionally incorporates the five basic forms of prayer and provides complete lessons on Church feasts and seasons.

*Tools for Involving Families in Children's Faith Formation

The "Family + Faith" page and an extensive website give families the tools they need to know what their children are learning, talk about their Catholic faith, and recognize ways they can apply it to their daily lives.

*Support for Both Novice and Experienced Catechists

Alive in Christ Catechist Edition empowers catechists with easy-to-use and effective tools for lesson planning, teaching and reinforcing faith concepts, and growing in their own relationship with Christ and his Church.

*Organized in a Convenient, Consistent, Time-Saving Format

The key concepts, doctrinal content, and chapter objectives are fully explained and conveniently located at the beginning of each chapter.

*Easy-To-Use Wraparound Lesson Plan

Clear, concise, wraparound lesson plan leads the catechist page-by-page through the effective three-step process with integrated connections to music, Sacred Scripture, teaching tips, liturgy links, and Catholic Social Teaching.

UNIT 1: Revelation 

Chapter 1: Divine Revelation 

Chapter 2: The Creation Accounts 

Chapter 3: God's Faithfulness 

UNIT 2: Trinity 

Chapter 4: Journeys of Faith 

Chapter 5: God's Saving Action 

Chapter 6: Living the Covenant 

UNIT 3: Jesus Christ

Chapter 7: Leaders for God's People

Chapter 8: The Wisdom of God 

Chapter 9: Prophetic Promise 

UNIT 4: The Church 

Chapter 10: The Gospel Message 

Chapter 11: The Early Church 

Chapter 12: The Body of Christ 

UNIT 5: Morality 

Chapter 13: The Great Commandment 

Chapter 14: Justice and Peace 

Chapter 15: Sin and Forgiveness 

UNIT 6: Sacraments 

Chapter 16: Baptized for Mission 

Chapter 17: Lives of Service 

Chapter 18: Sharing God's Love 

UNIT 7: Kingdom of God 

Chapter 19: The Communion of Saints 

Chapter 20: Christian Unity 

Chapter 21: A New Creation