Daily Activities

Catholic Brain - Daily Activities

Every day students receive a reading for the day, lesson, game of the day, word of the day, saint of the day and a quizzes based upon the content.

Videos & Songs

Catholic Brain - Videos & Songs

Over 300 Bible stories, Saint stories & Catechism videos & songs from Catholic Brain and our partners..

Saints Directory

Catholic Brain - Saints Directory

Access a directory of over 1000 saints and church fathers. Perform research, print and do a saint report.


Catholic Brain - Quizzes

Over 5000 Church approved quizzes.......................


Catholic Brain - Games

A series of fun & interactive games - word search games, name matching, bible order, name it, memory match, spell, puzzles and more.

Books & Stories

Catholic Brain - Books & Stories

With 365 saint stories, 365 Bible stories, a catechism and entertaining books, kids will enjoy spending time reading & listening to stories that enrich their faith.

Bible & Catechism

Catholic Brain - Bible & Catechism

Teach kids how to read and search for bible chapters and verses. Quick access to the Catechism.

Catholic Encyclopedia

Catholic Brain - Catholic Encyclopedia

Easily look up Catholic words and definitions. Includes images and audio.


Catholic Brain - Printables

Printables featuring coloring pages, puzzles, word search, bible order, lent & advent activities.

Teachers & Catechist Portal

Catholic Brain - Teachers & Catechist Portal

Manage students activities, create lessons and assign quizzes. Also access resources to help you prepare for class.